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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rylstone Skyline hike - 29 January 2012

This is a lovely 10K walk that offers some spectacular views over Craven and Barden Moor.  I did the same hike towards the end of summer in 2011 in glorious wall to wall sunshine.  I enjoyed it that much that I thought I would tackle it again! 

From the distance I could see what looked like a dusting of snow on the tops from the outskirts of Rylstone village. This offered some beautiful scenery of the hike that was ahead of me!

Reaching the track signposted for Barden Moor it became apparent that there was more than a just a dusting of snow!

Upon reaching the gritstone escarpment which makes up the Rylstone skyline I was able to appreciate the amazing views over Craven.

....And in the distance I could see Pendle Hill which also appeared to be covered in a blanket of snow.

Rylstone Cross was erected in 1995 to replace the former wooden cross which still lies below in the ravine. This is an excellent stopping point for a warm coffee and a bit of snap or simply to take in the views!

Leaving Rylstone Cross behind and heading for Cracoe Obelisk the snow appeared to be getting deeper with large frozen patches of water which obscured the footpath from time to time!

Although the sun didn't make an appearance it was still bright enough to enjoy the views over Barden Moor.

I'm sure the snow was getting deeper!!...

Finally the Cracoe Obelisk came into view but before hopping over the ladder stile I had one last look over Barden Moor.

And I could just see Upper Barden Reservoir...

The view below is from the side of the obelisk at Cracoe.

It was time to leave the obelisk and head downhill towards Cracoe village... But where was the footpath!!?? Hmmm!... About 6" under snow!!

Using my navigational skills and tramping through drainage ditches I finally made it to Fell Lane Track which leads into Cracoe village.

Leaving the snow and the sheep pens behind!

It was nice to finally see some of the old green stuff!!

I wonder what next week's hike will bring!!??...


  1. Nicky, these pics are great but take care on your own.

    1. Thanks anonymous (!!) but I'm ok! I'm used to hiking alone and it gives me time to think! :o)