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Monday, 13 December 2010

Grassington circular walk - 12.12.10

I woke up on Sunday morning determined to get out for a hike and cleanse my lungs with some clean Yorkshire Dales air!  I decided to visit Grassington in Upper Wharfedale....

I got parked with ease at the National Park Visitor Centre (£3.50 for the day, not bad!)

I headed up the main street of Grassington and then along Chapel Street until reaching a sign for the Dales Way which opened up my walk across fields and several stiles and gates!

Eventually the well marked footpath lead me to Grass Wood with Bastow Wood above it. Upon entering Grass Wood, I immediately became aware of the woodland scent.  In the distance infront of me I could see wild rabbits fleeing to their burrows! It was extremely peaceful and very rewarding to see only rabbit pawprints in the thawing snow ahead of me.

As i left the woods at Lea Green, I found the most rewarding view looking out to The Dib and the snow covered landscape all around me.

I offloaded my rucksack and stopped for a warm coffee and a five minute break to appreciate the fantastic vista!

From Lea Green I continued along the footpath past The Dib, watching my footing as I went as some areas were deep with crunchy snow and hidden ice!

After hiking up a small incline the fabulous view of Wharfedale became apparent. I could see Malham Moor to the west and Kilnsey Crag to the northwest.  A short but vibrant burst of sunshine gave way to some rewarding colours across the landscape. 

I Crossed many fields and eventually dropped down to Conistone.

I stopped to photograph the signs in the square at Conistone before ascending uphill to Conistone Dib. 

Conistone Dib is a fine example of a dry valley that narrows to a tight gorge near the bottom called Gurling Trough.

Conistone Dib, in my opinion, offers some of the best limestone scenery in Wharefdale. If you haven't visited the area, YOU MUST!  As you reach the top of Conistone Dib it becomes much steeper and after a short scramble at the last few feet you can examine the wonderful view below.

At the top of Conistone Dib there is a remarkable limestone pavement.  Amidst the limestone grows the odd Hawthorn and Ash tree which accentuates the barren rock surface.

It was at this point I began to photograph lone trees as the sun struggled to break through angry skies above.

After a well-earned egg mayo sarny I descended down the footpath towards Grassington passing a lime kiln along the way. The sun was still trying its best to burst through and brighten up the wild landscape but was defeated by the wintry clouds below it.

I was hugely surprised at the amount of mole-hills that were dotted around the footpath!

An hour later I arrived back in Grassington.  I felt refreshed and content that I had felt the clean Yorkshire air in my lungs! :-)


  1. What a beautiful part of the world. I too love the Yorkshire Dales. Excellent narrative. I felt as though I was there with you Nicky. Thank you.

  2. I haven't hiked for the last few weeks, just walked... It's not the same!
    Yesterday, I felt alive once more. :)

  3. Great day out Nicky,Thanks for shareing,Keep those boots moving.John.